Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Rud 3

This is a bit mixed!!!, way behind on the 'things' now so need to catch up ; I have been thinking a lot about images and had some time yesterday to look at the New York Public Library Gallery on Flickr

I picked two Halloween images just because I liked the look of them and that spooky season is coming up.

The other one is Lego (obviously)...just finished this partner is a massive Beatles fan and this was his birthday present...; it could be a better photo  - taken on my phone standing on a chair so I know the resolution is not high quality or any way good. ( honest I just wanted to get this thing finished least people would think that I had dropped out already)  I edited it a little bit in Photoshop to make it sharper and added in the text..I had fun with Photoshop..could learn a lot about its use when we design  our posters for library events.

The participants on this course are impressive...I've read a lot of their blogs so far and creative seems a lame descriptor for most of them

We need as a profession to be so conscious of copyright and how to correctly attribute material/research.  Open Access  has been knocking on the door for a long time now and health research is mostly paid for by some type/form of government seems so ludicrous then that we have to pay again to access that same research in costly expensive journals that are behind paywalls.  Lenus the Irish health repository is one place to look for any Irish research

Looking forward to getting one with the other things now...I notice that there is soon to be one on Snapchat...I have deliberately stayed away from this app...not sure how the younger members of my family are going to take the news that I will have an account soon!!, I guess I just won't follow them ; I don't need to know?

Anyway, as I said at the top a mixed bag....hoping I have the time, willpower and determination to finish all 23 as I'm enjoying them...just need to be better 'time managed'

Slán go foill

Beware the hat!

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Rud 3 This is a bit mixed!!!, way behind on the 'things' now so need to catch up ; I have been thinking a lot about ima...